One Child at a Time

With our mission to educate, equip, and empower we firmly believe in a quality education for every child.  Education is key to opening doors of opportunities and sustainability.

In many parts of the world, basic primary education is far from free and not covered by any form of government.  Therefore, many children are left without basic education and limited opportunities because of this crucial necessity.

We believe that working together with people like you empowers our children knowing that there are people out there who care.  Therefore, we present the opportunity of Blessing to our children through education, and to you - when we Bless others, we too become Blessed. 

Suggested sponsorship amounts are $35 or more (monthly).  Any amount(s) is greatly appreciated.

"A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." ~ Proverbs 11:25



Champion of Hope - Primary Grade 3

Florence joined the program due to instability in the village she was born.  She was living in extreme poverty conditions where life was a continuous stuggle without education, without a stable home, without hope.

Florence was adopted into our Home of Champions in 2017 and began schooling at age 10.  She loves school and is filled with hope and experiences the love of God everyday.  She aspires to be doctor and share the Word of God.


Champion of Hope - Primary Grade 7

Evarist comes from a village where something as simple as getting a glass of clean drinking water takes alot more than turning a tap.  Without a mother, who died shortly after he was born, and a sick elderly father caused Evarist to be bounced from place to place throughout his childhood just to be taken care of.  His chances of going to school came and went, were off and on, not consistent.

With dreams to be a successful businessman we welcomed Evarist to our Home of Champions family with open arms.  Since now being in a stable family setting, he has excelled in school and is filled with the joy of the Lord.

Help us to continue to give Evarist a reliable education.



Champion of Hope - Vocational/Skills Training

Sylivia is a young lady who has fought for her future and continues to strive to thrive.  She originates from Rwanda but has lived much of her life in Uganda.  Both her parents died when she was very young, therefore, causing her to miss and delay her education goals, hopes, and dreams.

Since joining our Home of Champions Sylivia has had to sit with children younger than her to catch up and re-integrate into the education system.  She is promising and filled with hope.  She loves God and loves to sing.


Champion of Hope - Primary Grade 5

Ssensio is a boy filled with dreams and has discoverd his spark for life.  But it hasn't always been this way.  Ssensio was rescued from a broken home where physical, mental, and emotional abuse was the daily norm.

Since joining our Home of Champions Ssensio is now excited to go to school, gain his education and pursue his dreams.  He loves and respects people, enjoys singing and worshiping God and aspires to be a footballer and a dancer.



Champion of Hope - Secondary Senior 2 (grade 9)

Gloria is a young woman with a quiet nature and a kind smile.  She's also a girl committed to her studies and committed to doing well.

Gloria joined our Champions of Hope from a village filled with sickness, darkness, and fear.  Her birth mother was in dire need of help, which after assessing the situation, caused Gloria to find a way of returning to school and continuing her studies.  Gloria has hopes of becoming a doctor or nurse.


Champion of Hope - Primary Grade 7

David joined our Home of Champions with a go-getter attitude desiring to do his very best.  He learnt to fight for his life throughout his childhood since his parents died when he was a very young child.

He has always strived to do his very best and be the best he can be.  He is very smart and respectful of others.  He loves to learn about God, and he enjoys playing with others, especially little children.  He dreams of being a pastor.



Champion of Hope - Secondary Senior 1 (grade 8)

Steven is a boy who came from an unstable home that has been bound in sickness and disease all of his childhood life.  Without a father, and having other siblings, the needs always outgrew the opportunities of learning, growing, and getting ahead.

Since joining our Home of Champions Steven has embraced and improved in his schooling and looks forward to new and exciting opportunities in the future.  He loves playing football, caring for others, and having fun.  He aspires to be a doctor.



Changing Lives

When a child is supported this ensures that they're school fees will be covered.  Fees charged from schools often include registration, admission, administration, lunch, uniform, sportswear, and others.

However, if your not in a position to give on a monthly basis, there are always other ways to support.