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The properties that enable change to take place

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Home is where the heart is!  At the Home of Champions the setting and unity of family is crucial in the transforming of broken-hearted, lost children to purpose, belonging, and love.

The most vulnerable children are welcomed into the Home as champions of hope with open, loving, and accepting arms.  Children are provided with all basic needs; including food, beds, schooling, clothing, shoes, and much more.

Gardening and agriculture is also taught and encouraged on site as well as small-livestock rearing, such as chickens, rabbits, etc.

Visitors and volunteers are also welcomed for a safe and and enjoyable stay. 

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A light in the darkness.  A beacon of light guiding lost ships to safety.


Centered in the heart of the growing community of Masaka, the C2C Youth Development Center is a safe place for youth of all backgrounds to find rest, learn a new skill, gain knowledge, play sports, eat a hot meal, and discover Jesus.


From literacy classes to craft-making, football to volleyball, fellowships to workshops, counselling to job opportunities, the Lighthouse has a vast array of activities to educate, equip, and empower youth of all backgrounds.


To help us keep our doors open, please click the button and give.  Thanks for your generosity.

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