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Running with Inspiration

15 young men of Soweto Youth Fellowship, Uganda have been in motion – literally, as they train to complete one of Uganda’s largest marathon’s in its history!


The Uganda International Marathon is gearing up with all the excitement and a purpose to help people, charities, organizations and communities in need in the Masaka area.  Soweto Youth Fellowship is supporting the event with 15 of our youth taking part.  SYF is also among the potential beneficiaries to receive some support from donors around the world via or through the Uganda International Marathon.

If you can’t run with us here in Uganda, we encourage you to run with us atleast in cyberspace and support us through a donation which can help each and every young person run towards a new beginning and a brighter future.

To donate through the Uganda International Marathon, please visit OR to donate directly to SYF, click Donate.


Why are the youth running?

Our story represents many young people in Uganda.  For many years throughout our childhoods, many of us have experienced pain and suffering which kept us from living a normal care-free, fun-filled and adventurous childhood.  Those of us who have lived life on the streets began living on the streets when we were young children.  The street life looked good because it was a way to free ourselves from physical, mental, and emotional abuse we received regularly from relatives and friends.  Life on the streets was the only option then, which has not been easy but it has brought us to where we are today – at Soweto Youth Fellowship.  SYF has provided us with care, education, medical needs, accommodation, and opportunities to experience the real ‘freedom’ through Jesus Christ.

SYF is doing a good thing and so are many other projects and organizations in Uganda.  We are inspired and excited to take part in this amazing opportunity to run for others in the Uganda Marathon.

Thank you for supporting the runners and SYF!

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