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Back to School!

Dear friends and family,

Hot and dry hellos from the pearl of Africa! It is my humble prayer that this Uganda update finds each and every one of you very well.

Uganda Elections

Today, February 18, 2016, is the long awaited day where Ugandans head to the polls to cast their vote for a new leader of the country or to keep the existing president in power. There are three main candidates (amongst a few others) desiring the head position.

Currently, Yoweri Museveni is and has been the president of Uganda since 1986 (30 years). Many Ugandans are desiring change, while others are fearful of what change could mean for this nation. It remains to be one of the poorest nations in the world, however, it is developing at quite a rapid pace.

Back to school!

Yes, here in Uganda February marks the start of a new school year which will then end in December. Most students would have been in classes by the beginning of this month but due to the elections, students will not be returning to school until Monday, February 22.

We are very proud of Brown’s steady progress and thank the Lord for providing for him over the last two years to go to school. However, it hasn’t been an easy gathering the funds for his school fees and supplies (he’s a boarding student) as we have not yet been able to get a sponsor for Brown. In Uganda, students have to pay school fees and provide all books, textbooks, and supplies which runs the bill up pretty fast. His fees usually amount to approximately $120 CAD for a four (4) month span which covers a term (there a three terms in a school year).


Next we have Brian, another young man formerly from the streets who has also utilized the chance to regain his education and put all his effort into it. Last year Brian eased from our small Youth Literacy Class at Soweto Youth Fellowship (SYF) into Ssunga Primary School where he propelled himself into P. 7 and successfully passed his exams at the end of the year (2015). He has been promoted to secondary school and will be going to a new school on Monday,February 22.


Then we have Peter…a boy also formerly from the streets who has transformed before everyone’s eyes and has become an example to all the street youth in Masaka, just within the a years’ time. Some of you may recall Peter has been staying in my home for approximately a year now. He has had desires of higher education of some kind but was never quite sure until about six (6) months ago. He has shown steady progress in our SYF Youth Literacy Class and has been our Student of the Month for the last four (4) consecutive months. He has achieved the highest in attendance, punctuality, participation, and in marks.


Last but not least we have Andrew. A young footballer who has also been living in my home receiving mentorship, discipleship and many other needs because of God’s perfect will. Andrew has also been approved by our Board of Directors to send him back to school this year. Andrew last went to school three (3) years ago and did not complete P. 5 (Grade 5) due to a lack of money to pay school fees so he had to drop out. He has been with Soweto Youth Fellowship for two (2) years and God has now given him the chance to return to school. He will be joining Peter at Ssunga Primary School and will also most likely be going direct into P. 7. By him completing P. 7 it will also open up new doors and horizons to him to further pursue his passion of football in secondary school. Please pray for Andrew as he returns to school in a new environment with new faces and surroundings. A special thanks to Maama Mo for helping us cover some of the expenses and fees so Andrew can attend school this term. If you would also like to contribute to his fees and welfare at school, please let me know and I can give you an idea of what balances remain or could be covered in the future.


Newly added to our growing roster of committed students at SYF is Joshua. A very bright young man who is also now living in our home. He was recently brought out of a challenging situation which was covering him with darkness and negativity pushing him to lose hope in life, including completing his schooling. Joshua has been in secondary school last year and did not think he would be returning this year. Thanks to the Lord working through him and ministering to him, he has regained hope and enthusiasm for life and for God. He is desiring to return to secondary school (S. 4, equivalent to Grade 11), therefore, we are taking a step of faith and trusting that God will provide all the necessary fees for him to return to school (as a day student, not as a boarding student) so that he may achieve and accomplish his secondary school goals. His fees and supplies do not amount to more than $40 CAD per term (every four (4) months). Please pray for Joshua and the provisions for his schooling during this time.

As the elections continue on and as school gets underway on Monday, I simply want to express thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support in prayer, finance, and encouragement.  I have so much more to share, however, I would like to keep these newsletters shorter rather than longer, so I will send another newsletter later.  For now, if you feel compelled to contribute towards helping us get all the school fees and supplies needed for these boys or for other needs, please feel free to visit us at or

Kurt –

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