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Meet Evarist!

Lugobe Evarist


Level of schooling: Primary Six (6)

School: Hill Road Public Primary School

Background: Lugobe Evarist comes from a home that was not so pleasant to be in.  By age 4 his mother died and left him in the hands of his father who has been an alcoholic.  With other siblings to care for, an addiction to alcohol, and little to no income the father could not manage to raise Evarist in the best of conditions nor could he cater to his everyday needs, nevermind school.  So, Evarist was sent to live with his older sister for a while who tried her level best to support him but struggled to do so with children of her own to take care of.  One of his other siblings took it upon themselves to seek other help for her young brother to ensure that he could receive the proper care that he deserves, that’s where the Lord has used SYF to step in and try our best.

Needless to say, Evarist is in need of love, care, and support from loving people who’s aim is to help him achieve his highest potential with God at the center of his life.  As we strive to support Evarist, and others, we kindly invite you to consider being a sponsor to this bright young man making a major difference in his life now and tomorrow.

Sponsorship amount:  $50 CAD/month (covers school fees, requirements, and materials only).

$50 per month: Click Here to sponsor for just $50 per month!  Thank you for you partnership.

$40 per month: Click Here to sponsor for just $40 per month!

$30 per month: Click Here to sponsor Evarist for just $30 per month!

Give a Gift of ANY amount:  If you are unable to sponsor Evarist for $50 per month right now but would like to give something to help support him, no problem!  CLICK HERE to contribute ANY AMOUNT towards Evarist’s school fees, supplies, or upkeep.

*Once directed to payment page please click on the ‘Subscribe’ button to enter your payment information.  PLEASE NOTE: Payments are processed through PayPal, one of the most secure and trusted sites for processing payments.

Thank you for your love and support 🙂

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