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Meet Florence

Nyamwinza (Beautiful) Florence


Level of schooling: Primary One (1)

School: Nyendo Public Primary School

Background: Florence is a pleasant girl who comes from deep in the village where she grew up in very poor conditions without a clean source of water and no access to electricity.  She grew up in the family home with both her mother and her father, however, Florence’s father is an alcoholic who sells whatever they have in the home to have money to buy more alcohol.  Her hardworking mother is the main provider and care-giver at the home whereby she looks for digging jobs in neighbors gardens to earn just enough to feed their four (4) children.  Due to the dire conditions in their home and the destructive habits of their father, Florence’s mother pleaded for us to help in some way so that her children could atleast go to school and be provided for.  Therefore, we have stepped out in faith and in love to take on Florence and do our best to get her into school and provide for her basic needs.  We thank the Lord for our Secretary/Social Worker, Josephine, who is housing her as we plan to also begin a Girls Home within the organization.

If you feel moved to step in and help us help Florence gain a brighter future and be empowered, please consider supporting her monthly or a one-time contribution that will help her get settled into school and be fully accommodated.

Sponsorship amount:  $50 CAD/month (covers school fees, requirements, and materials only).

$50 per month: Click Here to sponsor for just $50 per month!  Thank you for you partnership.

$40 per month: Click Here to sponsor for just $40 per month!

$30 per month: Click Here to sponsor Florence for just $30 per month!

Give a Gift of ANY amount:  If you are unable to sponsor Florence for $50 per month right now but would like to give something to help support him, no problem!  CLICK HERE to contribute ANY AMOUNT towards Florence’s school fees, supplies, or upkeep.

*Once directed to payment page please click on the ‘Subscribe’ button to enter your payment information.  PLEASE NOTE: Payments are processed through PayPal, one of the most secure and trusted sites for processing payments.

Thank you for your love and support 🙂

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