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Meet Robert…

Mayanja Robert (Junior)

Age: 16 years

Level of schooling: Primary Two (2)

School: Hill Road Public Primary School

Background:  Robert was born and raised in the village by his mom, however, with the passing of his maternal dad and the union of a new step-father Robert was often neglected unless he fell sick.  Robert, however, was often sick as he has sickle cell disease, a type of blood disorder that can result in attacks of pain (“sickle cell crisis”), anemia, swelling, bacterial infections, and even stroke.  It is clear that God has a great plan for him as he has survived several challenging situations whilst battling the conditions of the disease.  By the time Robert reached teenage years he was drawn to the streets of Masaka where he desired to be in search of a better life.  Street life, however, did not treat him well to a degree where he nearly died due to his quality of life with the disease.  Robert has been a regular to our Youth Center for over one (1) year.  Over that period, our observations proved he needed assistance.  He also desired to go back to school.

Robert and his younger brother, Timothy, have both joined us at our Refuge Home and are enrolled in Primary School.  SYF is doing its part to rebuild the relationship between Robert and their step-father with a goal at one day placing them back into their home community.  Robert is currently excelling in school in Primary Two (2).  Please consider sponsoring Robert for a better, brighter future.

Sponsorship amount:  ANY AMOUNT.  Sponsor Robert for any amount.  *Due to frequent medical treatments, we suggest more than $50 per month.

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