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Meet Timothy

Mayanja Timothy (Joseph)


Level of Schooling: Primary Two (2)

School: Hill Road Public Primary School

Background:  Timothy is a fun, hug-loving, humble boy who desires a better life with God at the center.  Timothy was born in the village with his mom and his older brother, Robert.  Unfortunately, his maternal dad died before Timothy could ever make a memory with him, therefore, the very important father figure in Timothy’s life that he could look up to and trust has been absent since birth.  However, his mother did re-marry and Timothy gained a step-father.  Unfortunately, their relationship has been rocky since the start due to abusive words and behavior from the step-father.  Timothy’s mother is infected with HIV AIDs and has found it a challenge to look after Timothy and his brother, Robert.  Therefore, Timothy looks up to his brother and follows him which is how he ended up on the streets.  After two years of struggling to find food, shelter, and a family to truly love and accept him, God brought Timothy into our care to love, care, mentor, and provide a loving father figure in his life whilst directing him to the best Father of all, God.

Although he is 14 years old, due to two years out of school, he had to be placed in Primary Two (2) to get him back on track.  He is full of potential and learns very quickly when focused.  He loves football (soccer), dancing, playing, singing, and is a joke-ster.  Please consider sponsoring Timothy for a brighter, better future.

Sponsorship amount:  $50 CAD/month (covers school fees, requirements, and materials only)

Click here to sponsor Timothy for $50 per month!  Thank you for you partnership.

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